This Is What You Need to Do to Make Moving Easier for You and Your Dog

By Cindy Aldridge


If you’re a dog owner, you go out of the way to make sure that you feed him the right kind of food and give him the right kind of care. That’s why, when you are in the market for a new home, you should take steps to make sure it is the right place for your favorite four-legged family member. Our tips will help you find just the right home for you and your dog and make the moving process easier on both of you.

1. Include Your Dog’s Needs in the Search Process
House hunting is a huge undertaking that can take months. When you search for a new house, you take into considerations your needs to narrow the list of potential properties. If you have kids, you look in an area with excellent school districts.

If you love to cook, you look for homes with spacious kitchens and lots of storage. And, if you own a dog, you look for a home with a large yard or a location near a dog-friendly park.

But, if your dog has other needs, you should consider them just as you would for a child. Is your dog getting older, or does he have difficulty climbing stairs? If so, you should consider purchasing a ranch-style home.

Does your dog have anxiety and need to see outside? If he does, you need to find a home with tall windows that enable your dog to see outdoors without climbing onto furniture. Does your dog fall on slippery floors? You should look for a home with carpeting or non-slip flooring.

2. Visit Your New Home with Your Dog

Once you find the perfect home, you need to help yourself and your dog feel better about your new destination by visiting your future neighborhood ahead of time. Go for a walk with your dog on a leash so he feels secure. Take him to a nearby dog-friendly park or café so he becomes accustomed to his new stomping grounds.

Then, schedule a time with your realtor to walk your dog through the new home. It’s better to wait for the seller to move out before you take your dog to see your new home because you will avoid an accident or a potential allergic reaction by the previous owner or her family member. Keep your dog on his leash and introduce each room of the new home to him. Take along his favorite toy and give him time to play in the new home so he feels comfortable there.

3. Make Moving Day Stress-Free

Another way to make moving day stress-free is to prepare for it well in advance. Your dog will be confused by the commotion in your home, so it’s better to start early and pack one room at a time so he gets used to people being in your home and boxes sitting around the house.

It’s important that you don’t pack your dog’s belongings until the last minute, however, because you should keep him in a crate or a separate room with his bed, food and water dishes, and toys at the height of the move. He should have his favorite, familiar objects to keep his anxiety at bay while he hears strangers in his house.

To ensure a truly stress-free moving day for you and your dog, consider dog boarding for the day. When you hire a dog sitter for moving day, you will rest easily knowing that he is away from the chaos and noise that is common when moving a household. He will be loved and well cared for while you are carrying boxes and telling the movers where to put your things. And, you will not have to worry about him getting loose, being anxious around the professional movers, or barking all day when he is removed from the hubbub of the move and having a grand time with a dog sitter.

Moving day can be a more exciting and less stressful time for you and your dog if you choose just the right home, visit the home ahead of moving day with your dog, and keep him in a separate location with his favorite items or hire a dog sitter during the move.

Image via Pixabay by RogerioAndrade

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